Shield Wealth and Stellar Super, in conjunction with Paul Salinas, from Campbell & Co Lawyers are hosting boardroom sessions in March.

Estate planning is a subject that we don’t like to think about but in its simplest form, it is just about ensuring peace of mind. It is about making sure that the investments you make now are passed on to your family or beneficiaries in the most effective way.

Developing an effective estate plan will ensure that:

• Any tax payable is minimised

• The ownership of assets passes to the right beneficiaries

• The assets are protected if any beneficiary has any legal issues

With family units becoming more complex, estate planning has become even more important in today’s society and often can involve more than a simple will. It can be quite a complex area and it is recommended that you seek professional advice to assist you with implementation once you have considered your options.

You are welcome to bring friends or family members that may be interested in hearing more about this.

2pm         21st March 2018

5.30pm    22nd March 2018

Tribe Group

4/113 Canberra Avenue



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